Cakemasters Bakery is excited to announce our new edible gift, Expressions. Our Expressions are mini cakes that are suited for any occasion. Whether you need to say, "I'm Sorry" or "Happy Anniversary," this is the perfect way to express it. Our cakes are the ideal size for one individual and come with a fork for your loved one to enjoy right away.

Our Expressions Flavors

Please see our Specialty Cakes for more information on flavor and icing choices. These mini cakes are made fresh and are available for pickup at our bakery daily. Each cake has the cake flavors you love from the best bakery in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Great Party Favors & Edible Gifts

Are you planning a special event or have multiple employees you would like to recognize at an office party? If you are looking for the perfect party favor to give your guests, these little cakes make the ideal gift. Everyone will get their cake, and you can add a "Thank You" card to let your loved ones know you appreciate them joining your special event. Expressions also make great gifts for your Bridal Party.

No matter what you want to express, these edible gifts will help you say it a little sweeter. An Expression cake is a unique gift that everyone will love and enjoy. Order your expressions for an individual or a large group. We have these mini cakes baked fresh in our bakery during open hours if you want to give someone a last-minute gift.

We offer corporate rates for bulk orders. Please call our bakery for pricing details and reserve your mini cakes today. These edible gifts are perfect for anyone who loves sweetness!

A little bit of sweetness goes a long way!

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