Father’s Day Cakes and Edible Gifts

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Cakemasters Bakery is currently taking orders for Specialty Father's Day Cakes, as well as baking up some of our delicious edible gifts, Mini Expressions Cakes. Father's Day is June 17, 2018. Father's Day is a day to honor our fathers and celebrate their contributions to our lives. Our paternal bonds with our dads are a special one, and we should have more than one day a year to show our appreciation. This day is also for Grandfathers and Stepfathers who take on the role of a paternal parent.

Our Fathers Day Cakes

Our specialty cakes can match your dad's occupation, hobby, or favorite sports team. If you already have a specific cake design in mind, please provide a picture. We also have a book at the bakery you can look through for some inspiration.

Favorite Sports Team Cakes

Lisa is a Master Baker who can design any cake. If you have a special request, she can fill it. Most dads love sports, and most sports lovers have a favorite team. Whether your dad likes football, basketball, baseball, or Golf, Lisa will design a cake to suit.

Occupation Cakes

Was your dad in the military, or is he still working in his profession? We can make a flag cake for the military, or if your dad were a pilot, a plain cake would be a great idea. A cake to celebrate your dad's hard work will be perfect for sharing with the entire family. A cake for a carpenter or construction worker could be a hammer cake. If your dad is a doctor, a stethoscope cake?

Traditional Cakes and Hobby Cakes

If you would like a traditional cake with wording, we can facilitate those requests. You could add some humor and have a Tie Cake baked for your father. If your dad loves playing Golf, a golf club cake, or a Hole in One Cake would be perfect.

Our Mini Cakes With Expressions

Our Mini Sweet Expression Cakes are perfect for any special occasion and are a delicious edible gift just for one person. We have Expressions cards that correlate with each holiday, including Father's Day. If you would like to order a bulk order of our Mini Cakes, please call in advance.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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