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It is almost time to order your King Cakes from Cakemasters Bakery. Mardi Gras season is upon us, and every year Cakemasters honors the tradition by offering freshly baked King Cakes. Lisa will be taking orders for King Cakes beginning February 18th and ending March 1st on Fat Tuesday. Our King Cakes is available in different sizes. Please place large orders at least one week in advance.

What Is A King Cake?

Many countries have their version of the King Cake. You can learn more about all the different versions of King Cakes on Wikipedia. If you aren’t familiar with the traditional American King Cakes, they are oval-shaped, made with sweet dough, and decorated with colorful icing in green, purple, and gold. Each color has a significant meaning. For example, the green color stands for Faith, while the purple stands for Justice and the Gold for Power.

Catholics started the tradition of this cake, and the colors symbolize a jeweled crown honoring the Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. King Cakes are eaten on Epiphany and around Mardi Gras, which occurs the day before Ash Wednesday, and Lent, known as Fat Tuesday.

Let The Good Times Roll!

If you love Mardi Gras and New Orleans traditions, you probably love King Cake. Don’t forget to place large orders at least one week before the cutoff date. Our bakery’s commitment is to serve you freshly baked treats for all your special occasions and holidays.

Check out some of our other blog posts to see more details about which holidays require pre-ordering. To place your King Cake orders, please call 850-862-4911. Get social with us by liking and following Cakemasters Bakery on Facebook. To see more of what Cakemasters Bakery offers, check out our other Special Occasions Cakes.

Customarily, a plastic baby is inside the cake, but Cakemasters Bakery places the baby on top of the cake due to safety reasons and choking hazards.

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