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Cakemaster’s Bakery was once run by father-daughter team Bob and Lisa Schomburg, 3rd and 4th generation Master Bakers, respectively. Beginning when he was just eight, Bob took his first step on his path to becoming a Master Baker. In his father’s bakery in Philadelphia, PA he studied the old world traditional style of baking. He spent 70 years perfecting the flavors and textures that make his baked goods the finest. After finishing his apprenticeship, Bob worked at different ethnic bakeries, learning different styles from cultures such as German, Italian, Polish, French, Cuban, Jewish, and Spanish. Lisa left a successful business career, running an international gingerbread manufacturer, to return to the family business in 1999. Like her dad, she learned to make wonderful baked goods from her father and has worked side by side with him for last 12 years. Since then, Bill passed away and Lisa carries on their family legacy and continues to bake at her father's beloved bakery. Stop in and see what real, handmade, old-world baked goods taste like. Lisa would love to meet you.

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