It’s Time to Order Your King Cakes

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It is almost Mardi Gras season, and it is the perfect time to pre-order your King Cakes. These Louisiana style cakes are a local favorite here in Fort Walton Beach and Cakemasters Bakery is happy to provide them for you. This year Fat Tuesday is February 13, 2018 so get your orders into the bakery as soon as possible.

What Are King Cakes?

A King Cake is usually oval-shaped and made with sweet dough. This cake has bright colors and the green, purple, and gold colors each have their own significant meaning. The green stands for Faith, while the purple stands for Justice and the Gold for Power.

The tradition of this cake was started by Catholics and the colors symbolize a jeweled crown honoring the Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. King Cakes is eaten on Epiphany but also around Mardi Gras which occurs the day before Ash Wednesday and Lent which is known as Fat Tuesday.

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What About the Baby?

In the past, many things were inside the King Cake, such as peas and pecans. In recent years, many bakers hide plastic babies inside the cakes. During parties, whoever finds the plastic baby in their slice of cake is the King for a day and customarily that means the King will host the next party and therefore provide the next King Cake.

Due to safety reasons and choking hazards, Cakemasters Bakery places the baby on top of the cake.

Order Your King Cakes Today

Cakemasters Bakery is your number one choice for baked goodies year-round for all special occasions. For special holiday orders, it is never too early to call the bakery and let us know how many treats you need and what dates you would like to pick them up. We prefer to take larger orders as early as possible. If you would like to order your King Cakes, please contact the bakery as soon as possible.

Special Holiday Orders

For popular holiday treats such as cakes and pies, we will inform you on our blog and social media pages for cut off dates for your special baked orders.

For information on our other February events, check out our blog, Valentine's Day Sweet Expressions Gifts.

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