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Baked Fresh Every Day We're Open

Danish, Cinnamon rolls, Coffeecakes, Strudel, Raspberry Cream Fingers, Cream Horns, Rugelach, Brownies, Cheesecake, and Chocolate Cream Pie!

Our pastries are fresh and available daily. These pastries include Cream Horns, Eclairs, and many other tasty treats. Please stop by our bakery for breakfast.

Do you have a sweet tooth? At Cakemasters, we always have fresh desserts ready daily for your tasting pleasure. Visit our bakery and try our Eclairs, Tortes, and much more!

Our pies are available year-round, and we offer larger pies during the holiday season. So please order in advance if you would like to order one of our fabulous pies, made from scratch, for the holidays or any other time.

Cakemasters Bakery offers all types of cookies for any party, holiday, or event. So whether you want chocolate chips, nutty cookies, or holiday-decorated cookies, we can help. Call us today to place an order.

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