Order Your Back To School Breakfast and Desserts

Order Your Back To School Breakfast and Desserts Featured Image

As summer comes to a close and the kiddos, parents, and teachers all prepare to go back to school.  In the bakery, we are preparing all the goodies to help make it a successful school year! Our shelves are full of items freshly made daily for breakfast.  We also have desserts available to order in advance. Whatever the occasion, big or small, we are here to make your event much sweeter with our yummy confection creations! Do you want to make that first day back to school memorable for your child and their classmates? Maybe you are a teacher, wanting to bring smiles to the nervous children on their first day of school? Or are you a principal who would like to celebrate the beginning of a new school year with the teachers? We have items ready to serve daily as well as items available to order in advance.

Breakfast & Items Available Daily

Items such as Sticky Buns, soft flaky croissants, and Bee Stings. Bee stings are a German dessert of sweet yeast dough with a baked-on topping of caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard or buttercream. Large orders and bigger items are available to order ahead of time, such as cookies and cupcakes. Regular size cakes are available in a variety of icings and flavors.

Desserts Advance Order Items

Items such as Sticky Buns, soft flaky croissants, and Bee Stings. Bee stings are a German dessert of sweet yeast dough with a baked-on topping of caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard or buttercream. Large orders and bigger items are available to order ahead of time, such as cookies and cupcakes. Regular size cakes are available in a variety of icings and flavors.

Visit Cakemasters Bakery

We look forward to seeing you for breakfast on your way to school. Our staff is ready to help prepare your back to school goodies for the classroom and teachers lounge. Contact Us today to book your orders for Back To School desserts and breakfast items. To see more items we are baking daily, Follow Us On Facebook.

Order Your Fathers Day Cakes and Edible Gifts

Order Your Fathers Day Cakes and Edible Gifts Featured Image

Cakemasters Bakery is currently taking orders for Speciality Fathers Day Cakes as well as baking up some of our delicious edible gifts, Mini Expressions Cakes. Fathers Day is June 17, 2018. Father's Day is a day to honor our Fathers and celebrate their contributions to our lives. Our paternal bonds with our dads is a special one and we should have more than one day a year to show our appreciation. This day is also special to Grandfathers and Step-Fathers who take on a role of a paternal parent.

Our Fathers Day Cakes

Our specialty cakes can be made to suit your Dad's occupation, hobby or favorite sports team. If you already have a specific cake design in mind, please provide a picture. We also have a book at the bakery you can look through for some inspiration.

Favorite Sports Team Cakes

Lisa is a Master Baker who can design any type of cake. If you have a special request, she can fill it. Most dads love sports and most sports lovers have a favorite team. Whether your dad likes football, basketball, baseball or golf, Lisa will design a cake to suit.

Occupation Cakes

Was your dad in the military or is he still working in his profession? For the military, we can do a flag cake or if your dad was a pilot, a plain cake would be a great idea. A cake to celebrate your Dad's hard work will be perfect to share with the entire family. A cake for a carpenter or construction worker could be a hammer cake. If your dad is a doctor, maybe a stethoscope cake?

Traditional Cakes and Hobby Cakes

If you would like a traditional cake with wording, we can facilitate those requests as well. You could add some humor and have a Tie Cake baked for your Father. If your dad loves playing Golf, a golf club cake or a Hole In One Cake would be perfect.

Our Mini Cakes With Expressions

Our Mini Sweet Expression Cakes are perfect for any special occasion and are a delicious edible gift just for one person. We have Expressions cards that correlate with each holiday, including Fathers Day. If you would like to order a bulk order of our Mini Cakes, please call in advance. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mothers Day Cakes and Cookies

Mothers Day Cakes and Cookies Featured Image

Our mothers are the reason we are here and we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Mothers Day. Our moms nurtured us and helped us grow. We owe all Moms a special thank you for a job well done. For mothers, their day is all about the exact moment they gave birth to each of their precious children. When we celebrate those we love, we want them to know how much we appreciate them. Cakemasters Bakery is now taking Mothers Day orders.

We can help you treat your mom to a delicious dessert that she will love! Cakemasters Bakery has delicious fresh baked cakes, mini expressions cakes, cookies among many other treats. Do you have more than one special mom you would like to thank? Our mini expressions are perfect for bulk orders but these orders need to be made in advance. There are many people who do not have their mothers with them and our hearts go out to you during this special day.

Our Bakery Is A Local Favorite

Cakemasters Bakery has been in business since the 1970s. Lisa, the current owner, and baker is a fourth generation master baker. This past year she moved to a new location. The locals of Fort Walton and Destin love Lisa’s pastries, desserts, cookies, and cakes. We can customize any cake and offer a variety of cake flavors, cake filling, and icing.

Our Mini Expressions Cakes

Our Mini Expression Cakes are the perfect portion for one person to enjoy. The cakes are wrapped with a ribbon and each has a fork so the cakes can be enjoyed right away. Each comes with a sweet expression card with room for you to write a sweet note. If you would like to order a cake for your mom or a bulk order of Mini Expressions, please call 850-862-4911.

Sweet Treats For Professional Administrative Day, Nurses and Teachers Day

Professional Administrative Day is this week on Wednesday, April 25th. Professional Administrators are the Office Managers, Secretaries, and Receptionists who do all the Administrative duties. These individuals help your business and schedules run more smoothly. Cakemasters Bakery would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We are baking up delicious treats to share with your hard-working office personnel. Gift your awesome Administrators sweet treats with our mini cakes, cookies among other yummy goodies. We have all types of cakes, icings, and flavors for your office to enjoy. How is your office celebrating these special workers?

Our Mini Cakes

Do you know someone who is Administrative Personnel? Would you like to share your appreciation in a sweet way? Express your appreciation with one of our bakery's mini cakes. They make the perfect gift for any special occasion. Our mini cakes are ready to eat right away. These mini cakes come in a clear box with a ribbon, fork, and greeting card that expresses the appreciation perfect way to let your assistant know how much you appreciate them. Our mini cakes are the perfect way to express your gratitude. There is no better way to thank someone than with sweet treats from Cakemasters Bakery. Like our Master Baker Lisa says, a little sweetness goes a long way.

Various Sweet Treats For Your Office

Our bakery specializes in cakes for all sorts of special dates and occasions. Maybe you will choose to go with sweet treats that are enough to share with the entire office. We have a variety of baked goods such as cookies, varying sized cakes, along with eclairs and many other sweet pastries. You can special order from our Bakery in Fort Walton Beach by calling 850-862-4911 Or stop in during our operating hours to enjoy our sweet treats that are baked daily.

Teacher's Day and Nurses Day

We also have Sweet Expressions cakes and cookies for Teachers Day on May 8th, 2018 and Nurses Day on Sunday, May 6th, 2018. We want to personally thank all the Nurses who work with our families and loved ones in the doctor's offices and hospitals. We would also like to show our appreciation for the Teachers who make a difference in so many children's lives. Call us today to place your order for Nurses Day and Teachers Day.

Order Your Easter Treats Early

Order Your Easter Treats Early Featured Image

It’s finally Springtime and Easter is just two weeks away. Cakemasters Bakery is busy making sweet treats for you and your loved ones. Whether you celebrate with bunnies and eggs or in a religious organization, we have Easter Treats for everyone.

For this special holiday, Lisa is baking delicious Bunny Cakes, Easter Egg Cakes, and hot Cross Buns which is an Easter holiday favorite for many. Any of these sweet treats will make the perfect addition to your Easter celebration with your family and friends.

Submit Your Easter Treats Order Today

As always, you can also order specialty cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for any of your Easter or other holiday events and parties. If you would like to order one of these sweet treats for Easter, please call our Bakery to place your order early. All Easter orders need to be placed by Thursday, March 29th and can be picked up the Saturday before Easter by 3 PM on March 31st. So, hop to it and give our bakery a call to order yours today.

If you are a teacher who would like to order cookies for your students to decorate, let us know so we can accommodate. Lisa will bake your choice of cookie in the shape of a bunny and you can have your class decorate them. This makes for a great activity and a delicious snack for the little ones. The gingerbread man is a favorite for teachers at Christmastime, but we can do these specialty bulk orders for any holiday.

Bulk Ordering For Large Groups

If you are planning a large holiday gathering, call our bakery to inquire which items are available for bulk ordering. We also carry our Sweet Expressions cakes that make the perfect gift for anyone who loves sweet treats.  Contact us today to order your Easter treats early. We look forward to seeing you.


It’s Time To Order Your King Cakes

King Cakes Blog Featured Image

It is almost Mardi Gras season and it is the perfect time to pre-order your King Cakes. These Louisiana style cakes are a local favorite here in Fort Walton Beach and Cakemasters Bakery is happy to provide them for you. This year Fat Tuesday is February 13, 2018 so get your orders into the bakery as soon as possible.

What Are King Cakes?

A King Cake is usually an oval-shaped made with sweet dough. This cake has bright colors and the green, purple and gold colors each have their own significant meaning. The green stands for Faith, while the purple stands for Justice and the Gold for Power.

The tradition of this cake was started by Catholics and the colors symbolize a jeweled crown honoring the Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. King Cakes are eaten on Epiphany but also around Mardi Gras which occurs the day before Ash Wednesday and Lent which is known as Fat Tuesday.

Learn more about King Cakes.

What About The Baby?

In the past, many things were inside the King Cake, such as peas and pecans. In more recent years, many bakers hide plastic babies inside the cakes. During parties, whoever finds the plastic baby in their slice of cake is the King for a day and customarily that means the King will host the next party and therefore provide the next King Cake.

Due to safety reasons and choking hazards, Cakemasters Bakery places the baby on top of the cake.

Order Your King Cakes Today

Cakemasters Bakery is your number one choice for baked goodies year round for all special occasions. For special holiday orders, it is never to early to call the bakery and let us know how many treats you need and what dates you would like to pick them up. We prefer to take larger orders as early as possible. If you would like to order your King Cakes, please contact the bakery as soon as possible.

Special Holiday Orders

For popular holiday treats such as cakes and pies, we will inform you on our blog and social media pages for cut off dates for your special baked orders.

For information on our other February events, check out our blog, Valentine’s Day Sweet Expressions Gifts.


Valentine’s Day Sweet Expressions Gifts

Sweet Expressions pic 2017 - 09 - Cakemasters Bakery 105 Beach Drive Suite A3, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Do you want to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart or maybe even for yourself this Valentine’s Day? Now is the perfect time to prepare and our Sweet Expressions make the perfect edible gifts for your special someone. Treat your Valentine to one of our Sweet Expressions Gifts from Cakemaster’s Bakery. This is a tasty and thoughtful gift.

Sweet Expressions Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Sweet Expressions are tiny cakes baked fresh with our bakery’s delicious homemade icing and cake flavors. These delicious tiny cakes each come with a fork to enjoy right away. They are wrapped in ribbon and come in individual packaging. We bake our cakes with only the best ingredients and they come in a wide selection of cake and icing flavors to choose from.

Along with the pretty packaging and eating utensil, our Sweet Expression Cake comes with an expressions card. With all of the choices, you can pick one that fits your unique situation. Whether you want to express your adoration to your beloved, express appreciation or just let a friend know you are thinking of them, we have a variety of Sweet Expression cards to choose from. When gifting, make sure to enjoy one yourself. A little bit of sweetness goes a long way!

Order Sweet Expressions For Your Valentine’s Event

While our Bakery sells individual Sweet Expressions, we also do bulk orders for schools, office parties, weddings and any of your special occasions. These cakes make the perfect individual edible gifts for guests or employees on any special occasion. Please contact our Fort Walton Beach Bakery in advance, so we can prepare for your party size. We look forward to seeing you soon.

To stay up to date with our holiday treats and specials, please subscribe to our blog and Join Us On Facebook.

Sweet Expressions Edible Gifts For Any Occasion

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your office party or family gathering? Why not give the gift of sweetness? Cakemasters Bakery offers a line of edible gifts called Sweet Expressions. They are tiny cakes that are baked with the same delicious recipes you have come to love from our bakery. Order your bulk orders now and get them in time for your Christmas party so everyone can enjoy their own individual cakes. All Christmas orders are needed by December 16th, 2017.

What Are Sweet Expressions Edible Gifts?

Sweet Expressions are tiny cakes for any special occasion. They come in see-through packaging with an attractive ribbon. Each Sweet Expression includes a specialized card for your anniversary, holiday, birthday and many others special occasions. They also come with a fork so that your loved one can enjoy their edible gifts right away.

What Are You Expressing?

Sweet Expressions make the perfect edible gifts and a sweet way to express how you feel about someone. They can be used to say “I Love You”, “I’m Sorry,” “Job Well Done”. There are also cards that encourage such as “Walk By Faith” and “Best Wishes”.  Sweet Expressions are a great way to say “Thank You” or”I Appreciate You”.  We also have “Merry Christmas” “Peace Be With You” and many more. If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion or having a baby shower, we have the sweetest gifts!

A Little Bit Of Sweetness Goes A Long Way

If you would like to order our Sweet Expressions in bulk for a baby shower, birthday party, graduation, office meeting or any other special occasion, Cakemasters Bakery has a variety of Cake Flavors and Icing Flavors to choose from. These edible gifts make the perfect gift for your guests. Visit our Cakes Page to see our selection of flavors.


Order Your Holiday Pies and Cakes

Order Your Holiday Pies, Cakes and Desserts

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Cakemasters Bakery is happy to announce that we are now taking orders for holiday pies, holiday cakes and treats. Please order your pies by Friday, November 17th. They will be available for pick up two days before we close for the Thanksgiving Holiday to ensure you get a freshly baked pie. Why spend extra time baking for the holidays when you can leave it to the professionals and enjoy more time with your loved ones?

Order Your Holiday Pies

Our made from scratch pies are baked fresh and available in 8 inches or 9 inches. We bake all of our holiday pies two days before the holiday so that you receive the freshest, most delicious desserts for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Although we have a variety of flavors to choose from, our most popular holiday pies are Pecan and Pumpkin Cheesecake. For more information on our pie flavors, please visit our Pies Page.

Coconut Cakes

Another holiday favorite is the Coconut Cake. These cakes are available by special order. The coconut cake is available in our edible gifts collection of Sweet Expressions as well. You can learn more about our cake flavors by visiting our website Cakes Page.

Speciality Cakes

Our bakery offers specialty cakes designed with your special event in mind. We can design just about anything you have in mind. Keep in mind that any of our specialty cakes can also be decorated for specific holidays. We want to share a few of the holiday cakes we previously baked to get a good idea of what we can do.

Order Your Holiday Treats Today

You can pre-order your pies and treats today by calling Cakemasters Bakery at (850) 862-4911. If you want to stay up to date on our bakery news, please subscribe to our blog. If you haven’t already, please like and share us on Facebook. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon.

Cakemasters Bakery will be closed for Thanksgiving, November 23-Monday 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, November 28th.


Cakemasters Bakery Has A New Website

Cakemasters Bakery Has A New Website

As you may already know, a local’s favorite and the best bakery in Fort Walton Beach and the Emerald Coast has reopened, Cakemasters Bakery has relocated and is launching a new website. Lisa and staff are now gearing up for the holiday season. For the holidays she offers large pies, holiday decorated cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels with festive colors, cakes and so much more! Our brand new website is loaded with updated information that is user-friendly and also features our new line of edible gifts, Sweet Expressions.

Our Sweet Expressions

Sweet Expressions are mini cakes that we bake homemade and fresh. We have a variety of flavors for the cake and icing. Each Sweet Expression includes a card of your choice that will depend on your type of special occasion. It also comes with a fork which makes it a perfect edible gift your loved one can enjoy right away. A little bit of sweetness goes a long way.

You can learn more about our Sweet Expressions by clicking here.

Your Wedding Cakes

Cakemasters Bakery is happy to make your big day even more special by providing you with a beautiful and delicious wedding cake baked with your choice of icing and flavors. Lisa can work with your desired cake design to bake you the Wedding Cake of your dreams. We have tastings available for the Bride and Groom if you are planning your wedding. Please call our bakery and schedule your cake testing with us.

You can learn more about our Wedding Cakes by clicking here.

Specialty Cakes For Your Special Events

Are you planning a party, office party or special event? Whether you need a graduation cake, birthday cake or groom’s cake, we can design whatever you have in mind. Here is a gallery with some of our previous cake designs. We will happily work with you when it comes to your design.

For cake flavors and more information on our cakes, click here.

Our Bakery Menu

At Cakemaster’s Bakery, we provide a variety of sweet treats and bread that are available daily inside our bakery in Fort Walton Beach and some extras available upon request. Among our various selections are assorted Bread, Pastries, Desserts, Candies, and much more.

To learn more about our fresh baked items and view or full Bakery Menu, click here.

Stop In And See Us

Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on our Bakery News and sweet deals. Please like and follow us on Facebook.

Stop by our bakery during operating hours to get your Sweet Expressions or one of our available sweet treats. If you would like to schedule a tasting or need to reserve your Wedding Cake, please contact us today. We look forward to seeing you.


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